Teamwork & Community work


At first ‘’Community work’’ in correlation with teamwork may sound a bit confusing, or it may allude that we are referring to community service, or some similar altruistic activity. However, it goes without saying that when the word ‘’Community’’ comes from our company, this term is almost certainly related to OCTA Community.


So, what do we actually mean by ‘’Community work’’ and what does it have to do with ‘’teamwork spirit’’?


On many occasions we emphasized the importance of OCTA Community for our company and how we believe that our brand can,in many ways, influence people that share our vision and values regardless of their employment status, nationality, residence etc. Our Community ‘’Membership fee’’ requires not money, but initiative, character and enthusiasm that align with our core beliefs and principles. Bearing that in mind, OCTA Community offers (primarily) software engineering and compliance professionals the chance to work on challenging and innovative projects while maintaining flexibility, casting aside many formal obstacles that are not productive and don’t add real value to our organization and culture. Therefore, we firmly believe that ‘’Community work’’, the way we see it, can be regarded as the next step in ‘’teamwork evolution’’ and can produce a healthier and more productive work environment.


How does the synergy of our ‘’Community work’’ benefit not only OCTA Community members but our clients as well?


Flexibility is one of our core values and it significantly correlates with OCTA’s FTE (Full Time Employee) model. Once we have received a project request from our client, we systematically engage our Community and build a custom made FTE model for the client, depending on the project roadmap and the timeline we established, meaning that we hand pick suitable experts from OCTA Community that have the experience, character and the expertise required to successfully deliver the service. One one hand, our Community members have the opportunity to work on projects they like, with the time frame they feel comfortable with, and on the other hand, our clients can rest assure that qualified people working on their projects have what it takes to get the job done right.


What do you think about our concept?

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